Alfarhan Zahedi

Hi, this is Alfarhan Zahedi.
Interesting name, right? All thanks to my grandfather! As far as I know, "Alfarhan" is an Arabic word which loosely translates to "happiness".
I always try to keep up with my name!

Now, coming to the important stuff.

I am a full-stack developer. Vue.js + Django + MySQL is my forte. But, I have tried most of the languages and frameworks out there. Curiosity, you know!
I graduated last year with a shining degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

As of now, I am working as a Software Dev Engineer at Amazon's logo. Before that, I interned at CodeChef in their Software Engineering team.

I am hard-working and scrupulous with a get-it-done attitude. This compensates for my lack of experience.
So, yeah, you can count on me!

I do have some personal projects on GitHub. And, I write too. Well, very infrequently, and only about Django(as of now!).

Also, I prefer tabs to spaces, tea to coffee, and HIMYM to Friends.
You can call me a cinephile.
My favorite words include "relative" and "perspective".
I love, love, lurrrrve history.

And... umm, I think that's all about me.